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Culinary Arts

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Recommended Databases

The following databases are a selection of recommended databases for your International Food Culture assignment. Come and talk to a librarian for more recommendations!

Recommended Books

SPSCC Library has many multicultural cookbooks that specialize in regional and ethnic cuisines. For those of you who like to browse in the bookshelves, look in the TX section; most of our cookbooks will be there. To find a specific region or ethnic cookbook, search in our Quick Search catalog.

NOTE: This link already pre-fills your search box to search for books with the word "cookery" anywhere in the record of the book. You are welcome to modify the search to add in your region, ethnicity, or country (e.g. Southern; Vietnamese; France; etc.).

Come see a librarian when you have difficulties finding what you need. We're here to help!

Encyclopedia & Culinary History

Below is selection of food encyclopedia and culinary history books that may be useful in your assignment.