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Open Education Guide: Faculty Stipends

This guide is designed to help the SPSCC community learn about Open Education. It will help faculty and staff find, create, evaluate, and incorporate open educational resources for instructional and training purposes.

Stipends 2024-25

We're happy to announce paid opportunities for faculty to work on curriculum development related to OER and equitable and inclusive pedagogy. We are seeking project proposals for next year: 2024-25.

The application for next year’s Open Education and Equitable and Inclusive Pedagogy projects are now open and will close on June 4, 2024.


SPSCC’s strategic plan aims to close equity gaps, enhance student achievement, and offer enriching learning experiences.  

Reducing textbook costs for students and redesigning a course to incorporate the best practices for equity and inclusion are concrete ways to achieve the strategic plan goals. 

While part of this work is incorporated into regular faculty roles and development, sometimes the scope is beyond the faculty duties listed in the contract. We recognize this and want to provide compensation for faculty creating sustainable Open Education Resources (OER) or redesigning their courses for inclusive and equitable pedagogy.  

We would also like to encourage faculty to plan and work collaboratively when appropriate.  


Open Education Project

Replace purchased learning materials with zero-cost, high quality, open education resources.

  • Faculty can apply individually or in groups 
  • ONLY STIPENDS – No course release 
  • Three levels of projects 
    • Level 1 ($500) Adopt existing OER 
    • Level 2 ($2,000) Adaptation and remix of existing OER, with some creation. Or redesigning courses for Open Pedagogy.
    • Level 3  ($5,000) Create a new OER 
  • Teams completing Level 3 Open Education projects will receive an additional $500 per team-member. 
  • Most projects will use the SPSCC subscription to Pressbooks.
  • Support and resources include a dedicated technical support resource, CTOL expertise, OER searching support, and other help as needed.

Equitable and Inclusive Pedagogy Projects

Redesign your course for equity, representation, and inclusion 

  • Ensure that materials reflect students’ lives, interests, and experiences 
  • Develop activities and assignments that draw from the research on decolonizing assessments 
  • Employ anti-racist and equity analysis tools to assess and revise class content and instruction 
  • Draw on SPSCC student input to represent and support diverse local communities 
  • Resources for Equitable and Inclusive Pedagogy on the Anti-Racisim Guide
  • Two levels of projects:
    • Single Level: ($2,000) Redesign course to use extensive low-cost DEI course materials.


See how deans and Dr. Andreas will evaluate your applications.


  1. The applications open and this webpage is published with supplemental information - April 25, 2024
  2. Ryer Banta, the Open Education Librarian and CTOL staff are available to answer questions and offer support during the application process 
  3. Applications will be online through this application form - due June 4, 2024
  4. The instructional deans and VP of Instruction will review applications and notify faculty of the results - June 17, 2024
  5. Faculty accept project decision and funding level - June 21, 2024
  6. Project work begins - July 1, 2024 
  7. Project work completes, deliverables are shared, and payments are processed - by May 1, 2025


Faculty members can propose appropriate deliverables during the application process. These may include (but are not limited to): 

  • An updated course reading list that includes BIPOC-created material to increase equity and inclusion
  • An updated list of course-aligned openly licensed course materials and learning objects  
  • A completed Canvas shell with revised assignments, activities, and assessments for open pedagogy or equitable and inclusive pedagogy
  • A shareable OER resource to reduce costs for students 

Completed projects, or aspects of them, will be shared with all faculty. In hopes of supporting ongoing course development opportunities, we will also encourage participation in a future all-faculty event about lessons learned, outcomes, strategies, and advice. 


Resources for Equitable and Inclusive Pedagogy

Resources for Open Education

Use the rest of this guide to learn about open education and OER, find OER, use tools to create OER, and explore open pedagogy approaches.