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Open Education Guide: Library resources

This guide is designed to help the SPSCC community learn about Open Education. It will help faculty and staff find, create, evaluate, and incorporate open educational resources for instructional and training purposes.

How do library resources fit into the OER landscape?

I want to know about... using no-cost library resources in courses.

On this "Library resources" page, learn:

  • How library resources fit into the OER landscape
  • How library resources can fill in the gaps as supplemental course resources
  • How to embed or link to library videos and articles within Canvas courses
  • How librarians are leading the way in OER
  • Browse e-book titles about OER and open pedagogy

Licensed e-books, online magazines & journals, streaming media, and other online resources available through the SPSCC Library subscriptions are not considered OER. These resources are restricted to SPSCC students, faculty and staff, and they are already-licensed materials that do not allow for customization and re-use or redistribution the same way as OER. Although library online resources are not "open," they are available at no extra cost to students. Therefore:

Consider filling in some of the gaps by using library resources, such as e-books and articles.

So how you go about filling in those gaps with library resources? Contact your Open Education or liaison librarian to get started. 


Text source: Adapted from "Austin Community College (ACC) Library Services Guide on Open Educational Resources" by Carrie Gits licensed under CC BY 4.0

Videos about library resources and OER

This 5:26 minute video explores how library materials can be an important component in solving the problem of high textbook prices.

This webinar from 2013, hosted by the Open Education Consortium, explores how libraries and librarians are involved in supporting open courses, OER, and helping develop open policies.

Watch this short video (2:12 mins) about how to easily embed Films on Demand videos into your Canvas courses.

Video source: "Embed Films on Demand in Canvas" by TCC Library is licensed under CC BY SA 4.0

Search for streaming videos in Films on Demand database:

Watch this short video (2:30 mins) about how to link to library database articles in Canvas courses.

Popular library databases with permalinks:

Watch this short video (2:39 mins) about how to add a library research guide (LibGuide) into your Canvas course menu:

Browse the library research guides for your discipline or course:

How to find ebooks:

Watch this short video (4:28 mins) about how to find ebooks in the library's collection.

How to link to or embed ebooks in your Canvas courses:

Watch this short video (4:32 mins) about how to link to an ebook, link to a chapter in an ebook, or download a chapter and embed it into a Canvas page:

Browse ebooks in the TCC Library's collection:

E-book titles about OER and open pedagogy


Except where otherwise noted, the content in this page has been adapted from Faculty/Staff Guide to Open Educational Resources by Tacoma Community College Library, which is licensed under CC BY SA 4.0.