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Open Education Guide: Home

This guide is designed to help the SPSCC community learn about Open Education. It will help faculty and staff find, create, evaluate, and incorporate open educational resources for instructional and training purposes.

What's in this guide?

This Guide is All About

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The purpose of this Guide to Open Education is to help the SPSCC community:

  • understand major Open Education and OER-related concepts
  • find, evaluate, attribute, and integrate open educational resources for instruction
  • know who to contact for Open Education support
  • learn about SPSCC's open culture and infrastructure, including the Open Education Steering Group
  • access SPSCC's Open Education-related documents, forms, and reports

Use this guide to:


Explore the tabs in the top navigation menu above and browse for the information and resources you're looking for.


Please note that most pages in this guide start with basic concept definitions (e.g. the "Open pedagogy" page opens with a definition of the concept), followed by resources and examples.


Whenever possible, SPSCC-specific examples, resources, and stories are integrated throughout the guide.

About my Open Education Librarian

I have worked as a librarian since 2012 and this is my first year with SPSCC, and I am thrilled to be here working to advance equitable student success through open education, library services, and information literacy. Although I am new to SPSCC, I have been living in Olympia for the past six years while working at Centralia College. While it’s still up, you can read even more about me and my background with this really flattering article Centralia College wrote about me several years ago.

Open Education services I can help you with:

  • Finding high-quality and appropriate Open Educational Resources (OER), public domain, open access, and library-licensed material to supplement or replace course materials. 
  • Using Pressbooks and other creation tools for the adoption, editing, and publication of OER.
  • Exploring and using open pedagogy, which involves creating assignments that involve students in creating openly licensed materials that have impact and life beyond the course.
  • Providing student instruction on strategies to make use of and create openly licensed material, including searching, determining license or copyright status, determining allowed usage, how to attribute, and choosing a license for their own work.
  • Determining license or copyright status of resources, with basic copyright guidance.
  • Connecting with peers at other institutions who are creating and working with open education.


Image source: Adapted from "OER is sharing" graphic by Giulia Forsythe is licensed under CC0 (public domain)

Open Education Librarian

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Ryer Banta


Except where otherwise noted, the content in this page has been adapted from Faculty/Staff Guide to Open Educational Resources by Tacoma Community College Library, which is licensed under CC BY SA 4.0