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Troubleshooting: My Link Doesn't Work!

Solution: Use the permanent link instead of the URL you get from your web browser.

Many databases are set up so that the browser URL shows coding of your searches (e.g. what keywords you just used, what date limits you set, etc.). The browser URL will change as you make another search, making these browser URLs very ephemeral and will disappear within days or weeks depending on how long the databases are set up to keep their temporary URLs.

To allow users to always find a specific article, ebook, or film, many databases use permanent links.

Do not use URLs from browser address bar


How Do I Find Permanent Links?

Most databases make it relatively easy to find their permanent links, but you may need to look for them if you are using an unfamiliar database. Many databases use an icon that looks like two chain links intertwined (almost looks like a figure 8). Click on the buttons below to get a screenshot of where you can find permanent links in the library databases.

When you view the article in PDF:

EBSCO Permanent Link for PDF


When you view the article in HTML:

EBSCO Permanent Link for HTML

For Films on Demand and other online streaming films, I highly recommend that you embed the film into Canvas instead of using the permanent link. Here's how to embed online films & streaming video into Canvas.

However, if you prefer to link to the film, here's how to find it:

Films on Demand Permanent Link