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CTOL: Panopto



Building 22, Room 181


Monday - Friday

8:00am - 4:00pm



Panopto is the tool that SPSCC uses to host videos in Canvas. You can record, upload, and edit videos. Your Panopto login information is your Clipper ID and password.

For Panopto support, contact

How to Update Panopto

Check your Panopto version

In order for Panopto to function correctly, you will need to update or install the latest version (9.02 or higher) on your device. You can check your Panopto version easily. 

Open the Panopto recorder and click Settings


Look at the bottom right hand corner of the window:


The version number is displayed in the bottom right of the window

Installing Panopto

On SPSCC devices

You will need support from the SPSCC Helpdesk (596-5544) to install Panopto on your college machine. Help technicians can remotely install your Panopto recorder while you're on the phone with them!

On your personal device

You will need to download and install the latest version of Panopto Recorder

Embedding Panopto Videos

You can use the Panopto Recording button in the Canvas Rich Content Editor to embed videos in any editable Canvas item.

It's simple and quick, and  transfers viewing permissions for the video embedded in the page to any viewer of the page, no matter the course location.

This means  you can easily import embedded videos into a new course section, as you would other Canvas content. Embedded content remains viewable to the new section without any additional management on your part.

Zoom & Panopto

By default, your Zoom cloud recordings are sent automatically to your Panopto My Folder/Meeting Recordings folder. Your Zoom Cloud recordings are autmatically moved to the Zoom trash after 7 days. This means that links generated by Zoom will expire! In order to share your Zoom cloud recordings, you will need to embed them fom Panopto into your course's page content via the Panopto LTI embed tool

Set up Zoom Cloud Recording

Set your zoom meeting to record in the cloud in the black menu bar of the meeting:


When you end your Zoom session, this recording will be processed in the Zoom cloud, transcribed, and an email sent to you with links to the Zoom cloud version of the meeting and transcription.

Review your zoom recording in Panopto

Within 10 minutes of that email the Zoom recording will automatically be copied to your Panopto My Folder in a newly-created folder called Meeting Recordings.


90 minutes after this, the transcriptions will be automatically applied to the Panopto version of your Zoom cloud recording as Closed Captions. You can see the icon for captions in your Panopto Folder view:


Embed in Canvas

NOTE: FERPA regulations require that we share zoom classroom recordings only with members of the section for whom the original was recorded.

To give your students access to this recording in Panopto use the Panopto LTI Embed tool to embed the session in any editable canvas element such a Page, Assignment, or Announcement.

When you use the embed tool you will insert the video from your Zoom recording by navigating to your My Folder in the Panopto embed Popup:

in the popup, click the dropdown at the top


and wait until you see My Folder: then click the Very Tiny Arrow next to My Folder to reveal the subfolder:


Select Meeting Recordings, and you will see your Zoom recordings.

Select your Zoom recording and then click Insert

Alternative to Embedding: Using Panopto Permissions to share a link

NOTE: FERPA regulations require that we share zoom classroom recordings only with members of the section for whom the original was recorded.

If you choose not to use the LTI embed tool, you can change the permissions on any of your Meeting Recording videos to be open to students in the specific section of your course that was recorded, and then share that link with the section. 

Open your Panopto Cloud My folder page

Click on the  Open in Panopto icon in your Panopto recordings page



Select your videos for sharing

Go to Meeting Recordings and select the video[s] you ‘d like to share with your section using the check box that appears when you hover over a video, then when the boxes are checked you will see the Share button appear on the upper right side:




Set Access

In the popup that follows, leave the setting at Specific People and go to the Invite people box. Type the section number of the section with whom you wish to share,  and when your correct section appears, select the option that ends with  “ ::Viewer ”



Once you have selected it the popup will show your choice. Be sure to UNCLICK the box that says “Notify people via email” and then Click the green Save Changes button




Additional Panopto Resources

Panopto Creator Training Webinar

  • Webinar Recording – a one hour recording of the Panopto Creator Training for SBCTC held on Wednesday, 3/19
  • SBCTC Panopto FAQ – document contains answers to frequently asked questions during the webinar
  • SBCTC Additional Questions – document contains answers to additional questions asked during the training webinar

Panopto Support

  • Panopto Support Center – page contains links to Panopto support documentation, video tutorials, and forums
  • Getting Started Guide –  page contains a collection of resources for getting started with Panopto
  • Forum Tips and Tricks  –  page contains questions and Answers from Panopto’s Tips & Tricks forum
  • Video Tutorials – page contains links to a variety of “how-to” Panopto video tutorials
  • Panopto Community – search the Panopto Community for answers to questions you may have