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H5P and Canvas

H5P is a plugin that allows instructors to create accessible interactive content for their courses. The H5P plugin is available to all instructors within Canvas. With H5P you can create new, interactive activities or modify current assignments to make them more accessible and engaging.

There are many types of H5P activities. For a full list with examples, please visit

H5P Activities include

For support in getting started with H5P, please come to one of our information sessions listed in the CTOL calendar. Additional support is available from Caroline Hobbs Caroline Hobbs  and Kyle Gonzalez.

Creating H5P Content in Canvas

To start making H5P content, simply go to a page or assignment in Canvas, or create H5P content on the SPSCC H5P page.

To add ungraded H5P, click the H5P button in the rich content editor. To add grade H5P activities to an assignment, go to the submission type menu and click external tool. Find and select Interactive Content – H5P.


To Add Ungraded H5P Content

Use the H5P icon in the rich content editor (the toolbar in a Canvas page or assignment).

To add ungraded H5P content, click the H5P icon in the rich content editor toolbar.


To Add Graded H5P Content

Click Submission Type and select External Tool. Then find "Interactive Content - H5P" from the menu and click select.


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