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@Faculty Quick Start: Canvas Basics

Canvas Inbox for messaging

canvas logoThe Canvas Inbox is a server-based internal messaging system for Canvas instructors and students. 

Every Canvas user has an Inbox, messages from other users are collected and displayed there; the messages are called "Conversations" in the Canvas world.

You can forward your conversations to your preferred email using your Notification settings, but your conversation data is always available in the inbox.

TIP: It's a best practice to reply to student messages from the inbox when possible, even  when received in your preferred email.

The Inbox is displays messages chronologically. You can view and reply to conversations and sort them by course or inbox type. The Inbox itself does not have any file size limits; however, attachments added to a conversation are included in the sender's personal files.

NOTE:Once a course has concluded and its term date has passed, you can no longer message students in that course. 

Conversations Overview from Instructure