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Calculus Resources: Graphs (Curve Sketching)

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Check out this topic in the following free, online textbooks:

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Rolle's and the Mean Value Theorem

Short examples:   Prof. RobBob

Longer, lecture style:  Prof. Leonard

Extrema (Maxima and Minima)

Longer, lecture style:   The Infinite Looper

Increasing vs. Decreasing, First Derivative Test

Short examples:  integralCALC

Longer, lecture style:    Prof. RobBob    Prof. Leonard

Concavity, Second Derivative Test

Short examples:   integralCALC

Longer, lecture style:   Prof. Leonard

Matching Graphs: Functions and their Derivatives

Longer, lecture style:   Prof. Leonard

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Online Tutorials (including exercises with solutions)

MathIsFun: Maxima/Minima

S.O.S Math

Problem Sets with solutions

Visual Calculus

  • Drill on finding the maxima and minima of a function on a closed interval.

  • Drill on applying the Mean Value Theorem.

  • Drill on using the First Derivative Test.

  • Drill on determining the intervals of concave upward and concave downward and the inflection points of a function. and UC Davis Math

Free Worksheets (with solutions)

Paul's Online Notes

KUTA Software

Free Quizzes (with solutions)

Visual Calculus

  • Quiz which tests the ability to determine graphically information about a function and its derivatives.

  • Quiz which tests the ability to determine information about the graph of a function from information about its derivatives.

  • Quiz on determining which graph is the graph of a function, its derivative and its 2nd derivatives.