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Calculus Resources: Applications of the Derivative

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Implicit Differentiation

Short Explanations:   Math BFF

Longer, lecture style:  

      Crystal Clear Maths     Prof. Leonard

L'Hopitals Rule

Short Explanations:    Math By Fives

Longer, lecture style:    Prof. RobBob

Optimization Problems

Short Explanations:    integralCALC

Longer, lecture style:

Related Rates Problems

Short examples:

Longer, lecture style:   Prof. RobBob   Prof. Leonard  

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Online Tutorials (including exercises with solutions)

S.O.S Math

Problem Sets with solutions

Visual Calculus

  • Drill problems for finding a derivative by implicit differentiation.

  • Drill on implicit differentiation and finding the tangent line at a given point.

  • Drill on finding the derivative and the tangent line to the inverse of a function.

  • Drill on using differentials to approximate expressions (linear approximation).

  • Drill on applying L'Hospital's Rule. (Using finite limits)

  • Drill on applying L'Hospital's Rule. (Using infinite limits)

  • Drill problems on the use of Newton's Method. and UC Davis Math

Free Worksheets (with solutions)

Paul's Online Notes

KUTA Software


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