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Math 151 Calculus I

Welcome to SPSCC's online resources for 

Math 151, Calculus I

The topics in this course are broken down into 4 sections:

I.  Limits and Continuity

II.  Derivatives: Definition, Rules (Power, Product, Quotient, Chain), etc.

III. Graphs: Extrema, 1st and 2nd Derivative tests, Curve Sketching, etc.

IV. Applications: Implicit Differentiation, Related Rates, Optimization, L'Hopital's Rule, etc.

Click on the links or the green tabs above, to see the many resources available for each topic!

On Campus Help

Visit the Math Center.

There are several copies of calculus textbooks, including solutions manuals with worked out solutions, on reserve in the library. At the front desk, ask for Math 151 materials.


Become inspired and motivated by seeing how calculus is used everyday!

What is Calculus Used For?  TED Talk by Jeff Heys

About this guide

This free resource was created using a Libraries as Open Education Leaders grant from the Washington State Library. Math instructor Melissa Nivala and faculty librarian Margaret Thomas, both of South Puget Sound Community College in Olympia, Wash., collaborated on the creation of this guide.

For more information, or to contribute open content, please contact Thomas at, or 360-596-5259. Especially welcome, are problem sets with detailed solutions, which students can use for practice.