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Borrowing Policy

SPSCC Library welcomes any individual who wishes to use library items inside the library. Almost all library items are available on open shelves for self-retrieval. For individuals who want to borrow library items from the library to use outside of the library, they must follow our borrowing policy.

Students, staff, and faculty of South Puget Sound Community College.

Community members have limited borrowing privileges.

SPSCC students, staff, and faculty need to provide their Student ID card, or another picture ID (e.g. driver's license or military ID).

Community members need to provide a photo ID with current address.

Items Students Faculty/Staff Community
Books 28 days 28 days 28 days
Magazines 3 days 7 days 3 days
Video & Audio 3 days 7 days Library Use Only
Video & Audio in High Demand Library Use Only 7 days Library Use Only
Course Reserves Varies per instructor/item 7 days No Use
Calculators & Cameras 3 days 7 days No Use
Laptops (Students have priority) Library Use Only Library Use Only Library Use Only


Note: Items are not normally checked out past the end of the current quarter. For example, a book that is checked out 15 days before the end of the quarter would be checked out only until the end of the quarter, not for the full 28 days.

SPSCC Library does not assess daily overdue fines. However, one day after an item is due, an overdue notice will be sent to your SPSCC email to remind you to return the item. After a week, if you haven't returned the item, the library will place a fine equal to the value of the item on your account. Fines will prevent you from graduating, receiving grades, or ordering official transcripts.

To remove the fine, you may:

  • Return the item in good condition to the library, or,

  • Pay the fine at One Stop (Building 22, 2nd floor).

    • If the item is later returned in good condition you will receive a refund.

    • For larger fines, you may arrange a payment plan with One Stop.

At the discretion of the Circulation Manager, students, staff, and faculty may request to have items checked out to them over the quarter break during the last week of the quarter. Students must provide proof of registration for the subsequent quarter. Items are due back on the first day of the next quarter.