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Login Problems

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How to Subscribe to

Students, Staff, and Faculty at South Puget Sound Community College all have a pre-paid subscription to The New York Times online through SPSCC Library. All you need to do to claim your subscription is activate it with your Clipper ID.

Step 1: Go to the website, then click on the Create Account bar.

                Screenshot: NYT Create Account page


Step 2: Enter your Clipper ID, which is your SPSCC email that ends with

Step 3: Click on the Continue bar.

                Screenshot: NYT Create Account page


Step 4: Enter your Clipper ID again.

Step 5: Create a password.

(Note: NYT account is NOT linked to your Clipper ID account. This means that when you change your Clipper ID password, your NYT password will not be affected and vice versa.)

Step 6: Uncheck the option to receive updates and offers from The Times.

Step 7: Click on Create Account bar.

                Screenshot: NYT Create Account page


Step 8: You will get a notification to check your email to validate your account. Double check your email to make sure it is correct.

                Screenshot: NYT Check Email page


Step 9: Sign in to your SPSCC email and find the message from that has the subject heading "Confirm Your Email Address."

(Note: This is the most important step in the entire process. If you miss this step, your NYT account will not be created and you may have problems trying to set it up later.)

Step 10: Open the "Confirm Your Email Address" message and click on the link in the message to validate your email address and provide more details to finish setting up your account.

                Screenshot: Outlook Inbox


Step 11: Choose whether you are a Student or Faculty/Staff at SPSCC.

Step 12: If you choose Student, then you will need to enter a graduation year.

(Note: The year you graduate is the year your New York Times subscription will end.)

Step 13: This step is optional. You can give NYT your personal email as an alternate way to contact you.

Step 14: Click on the Sign Up bar.

                Screenshot: NYT Create Account Details page


Step 15: You will get a confirmation that you've claimed your NYT account. Take note when your subscription will end.

(Note: if you are faculty/staff, you can renew your subscription when it expires as long as you are employed at SPSCC.)

                Screenshot: NYT Confirmation page


The New York Times App

You can also download the NYT app from the Apple App Store or Google Play to read the news on your mobile device.