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Free Plant Exchange

SPSCC Library is hosting a free plant exchange to celebrate Earth Week! The event will happen on Wednesday, April 26, 2022 at 11:00 am to 3:00 pm.

Wanted: All indoor and outdoor plants! Houseplants, herbs, bulbs, flowers, foliage, small shrubs--any plant is welcome!

Simple rules for the exchange:

  • All plants are free.

  • Equal exchanges encouraged: Bring a plant. Take a plant. You are also welcome to bring extra plants to give away and take any donated plants.

  • Label your plants if you happen to know what they are. It's okay not to label if you have no clue what they are--makes it fun for the new owner to try and find out later! :)

Arrow to Reduce Reuse Recycle

This is a great time to give prune overgrown houseplants and put the cuttings in water to root and share. Got old houseplants you love, but want something new to look at? Donate your old plants and pick up something else to try. Have more herbs than you can use? Divide your plants and bring them to the exchange. Have extra bulbs or seeds you don't use? Share them at the exchange.

You are welcome to bring plants in any form that is easiest for you. Potted plants and rooted cuttings encouraged, but fresh cuttings are also welcome. In the spirit of Earth Week, remember to reuse recyclables to transport your plants!

SPSCC Students can pick up a free plant at the event, courtesy of Student Life! Students may keep the plant or use it to exchange for another plant of their choice. Enjoy!