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Pet Film Festival

Find Joy and De-stress Watching Animals Online

Need a break and a time to zone out? Come watch animals on webcams around the world! Learn something new or just relax and enjoy the animals.


Earth Cam

Choose from more than forty live feed animal cams from around the world!


Monterey Bay Aquarium (California, USA)

Ten live cams to choose from: 1) aviary - birdwatching; 2) coral reef - tropical fish 3) jellyfish - sea nettles; 4) kelp forest - sardines & leopard sharks; 5) Monterey Bay - waves, sailboats, shorebirds; 6) jellyfish - moon jellies; 7) Open Sea - ocean animals; 8) African penguins; 9) sea otters; 10) sharks.


Wolong Grove Panda Yard (Sichuan, China)

Watch adorable giant pandas in China's Wolong Valley Nature Reserve, which provides views into 11 different panda yards.


Tembe Elephant Park (Emangusi, South Africa)

The park is renowned for having the largest elephants in the world. The webcam is situated at a waterhole in the park.  In addition to the elephants, you should be able to spot other animals in the park, such as lions, leopards, black and white rhinos, buffalo, Suni antelope, and over 340 bird species.


Audubon Bird Cams (USA)

Watch birds on the National Audubon Society's live bird cams from all corners of the United States. Some of the cams are more active during certain seasons and migration periods.


Ehukai Beach (Hawaii, USA)

Famous for the Banzai Pipeline, Ehukai Beach is one of the most popular surfing destinations in the world. Choose from over 20 webcams from the Pipeline to watch, above and below water, and relax at a tropical beach.


Aurora Borealis - Northern Lights (Manitoba, Canada)

This link is for night-owls, insomniacs, and people who are still awake deep in the night. Aurora borealis is not an animal, but a fantastic natural light show that can only be seen on a clear night. Northern lights are dependent on solar winds blowing particles from the sun to the earth and are especially active during solar flares. Be aware that they don't show up every night, but if you're lucky and watch on a night when the solar winds are strong, then it's magical!

BTW, did you know these lights can also be seen from the south pole? Southern lights are called "aurora australis."