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Congratulations, winners!!! You will be notified via email. If you didn't receive an email, then contact Sarah Kaip.

1st place: $100

Natalie Young in Kellan Deardorff’s English 102 course this quarter. Natalie wrote about the effects of rumors and gossip among community groups.

Bonus: Professor Deardorff wins the $20 coffee card!

2nd place: $75

Juliane Alston from Liona Burnham’s English 102 course Winter Quarter 2022. Juliane wrote about healthy gut microbiomes.

3rd place: $50

Linda Miao from Nicole Walker’s English 101 course Winter Quarter 2022. Linda wrote about face recognition technology.


You received an “A” (or A-) during Spring, Summer, or Fall (2021), or Winter or Spring (2022) quarters on a paper or project that includes a bibliography of at least 3 sources.


How To Enter

1. Email one paper (one entry per student) to

2. In your email, include:

          A. Your paper attached

          B. Your instructor’s assignment directions attached

          C. Proof of your A or A– grade (screenshot is fine)

          D. Your preferred name, your instructor’s name, and the name of the course

3. If it’s a project that can’t be emailed, bring it to the library.

4. Last day to turn in your submission is June 13 at 5pm. Don't wait!