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Environmental Science--Corliss: Articles and Databases

Climate Change in Washington State

Primary article headings

Primary (sometimes called "empirical") articles will usually include some of the following subheadings.

  • Summary or Abstract
  • Methods or Procedures
  • Data
  • Results
  • Discussion
  • Conclusions
  • References

Find primary research in Academic Search Complete (Ebsco)

Find peer-reviewed articles

Find climate change solutions:

CQ Researcher: Lengthy reports on controversial social issues.

Find "primary articles" in 

Academic Search Complete (Ebsco) contains the library's largest collection of peer-reviewed journals.

Research Library (Proquest) is a collection of magazines, newspapers and some peer-reviewed journals where you can find "primary articles". 

PLOS One is a searchable collection of peer-reviewed, open access journals.

Google Scholar includes some primary articles. If you can't get the full text free, see if Ebsco has it, or ask a librarian to get it for you.