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Library Workshops


Join a drop-in library workshop via Zoom! Each session is no more than an hour and many are less. You have the option to just watch or to participate in hands-on activities with a librarian.

Workshop Schedule

All workshops take place on Thursdays at 11:00am and 7:00pm. Use this link for all (but two, indicated below) of the workshops.

Week 1 — April 7

    Learn about resources and services at the library.

Week 2 — April 14

    Learn about resources and services at the library.

Week 3 — April 21

     Types of information sources and databases used to find them.

Week 4 — April 28

     Searching library databases.

11 a.m. with Librarian Margaret Thomas

7 p.m. with Librarian Sarah Kaip

Week 5 — May 5

     SIFT for CCS 101 -- workshop is to help CCS101 students complete this assignment.

Week 6 — May 12

     Searching library databases.

Week 7 — May 19

    Fake news, half truths, conspiracies, confusion, and headaches: How do you decide what makes a source trustworthy? Diving deep into a source's and author's background and tracing claims to their original source. Good workshop for argumentative papers.

Week 8 — May 26

     Information literacy in the workplace. What research skills do employers look for in new hires? All students welcome but particularly geared toward professional/technical students.

Week 9 — June 2

     Drop in help: APA citing and formatting

     Drop in help: MLA citing and formatting