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MATH141 - Precalculus I - Functions and Analytic Geometry: Home

MATH141 Course Description

MATH141 covers functions and analytic geometry. Students who plan to pursue a Science, Engineering, and/or Math (SEM) pathways should take this course.

In this course, students will study:


1.  The basics of functions

  • The definition of a function 
  • Domain and range of a function represented by a formula or graph
  • Evaluating a function represented by a formula or graph
  • Computation and simplification of difference quotients
  • Composition of functions and the domain of a composite function
  • What it means for functions to be inverses
2.  Graphs of functions
  • Graphs of basic functions, including y=x2, y=x3 ,y=|x|, y=√x, y=∛x, y=1/x, y=b^x and y=log_b⁡ (x) for b>0 and b≠1 without a calculator
  • Sketching y=af(bx+c)+d given the graph of y=f(x) by using transformations (translations, stretches and reflections)
  • The general shape of factorable polynomial or rational functions
3.  Exponential and logarithmic functions
  • Exponential and log equations


On Campus Help

Visit the Math Center at LSS East - SPSCC building 22, Room 110.

Located just across the hall from LSS West and at the opposite end of the building as the Library.

Learning Support Services (LSS) supports, encourages, and empowers SPSCC students to become independent, self-advocating, and resourceful learners through one-on-one and small group tutoring.


Supplementary Information

mathy (adjective)
describing a situation that involves a lot of calculation and math skills

- Urban Dictionary

An extensive glossary of mathematical terms and their definitions from The University of Chicago - School Mathematics Project :


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