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MATH092 - Mathematical Reasoning: Home

Course-centered Instructional video and practice resources.

MATH092 Course Description

This course is dedicated to students in their first quarter at SPSCC. It is strategically scheduled with math and CCS classes to help students easily complete their first quarter degree requirements.

MATH092 Introduces operations with rational numbers, applications and problem solving skills, expressions, solving linear equations, and graphing linear relationships.

In this course, students will study:

Basic operations

  • Operations with fractions
  • Operations with decimals
  • Order of operations including integers, decimals, and fractions
  • Ratios, proportions, and percentages (including percent increase and decrease)
  • Rounding and Estimation
  • Applications and problem solving strategies

An Introduction to Algebra

  • Algebra vocabulary
  • Algebraic expressions
  • Basic geometry and formulas
  • Measurements in U.S. and metric units
  • Use formulae

Equations, Inequalities and Problem Solving

  • One step equations using the addition and/or multiplication properties of equality
  • Multi-step linear equations involving parenthesis, fractions, and decimals
  • English to algebra translation
  • Problem solving involving linear equations
  • Linear inequalities and their graphs


  • The rectangular coordinate system
  • Ordered pairs - plot points and provide the ordered pair from graphs
  • Deciding if ordered pairs are solutions
  • X- and Y- intercepts in ordered pair form
  • Graphing linear equations by finding three ordered pairs and by using the intercepts
  • Interpret specific points, including intercepts, of contextual models
  • Slope of a linear equation - calculate and interpret
  • Change standard form of an equation to slope - intercept form

On Campus Help

Visit the Math Center at LSS East - SPSCC building 22, Room 110.

Located just across the hall from LSS West and at the opposite end of the building as the Library.

Learning Support Services (LSS) supports, encourages, and empowers SPSCC students to become independent, self-advocating, and resourceful learners through one-on-one and small group tutoring.


Supplementary Information

mathy (adjective)
describing a situation that involves a lot of calculation and math skills

- Urban Dictionary

An extensive glossary of mathematical terms and their definitions from The University of Chicago - School Mathematics Project :


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