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Intercultural Communication: Credible sources

Questions to ask

Questions to ask when selecting your sources.

1.  Are my sources unbiased? For this assignment, you want to avoid judgmental and biased sources.

2.  Are my sources current? Sources should be within the past 10 years (unless using it just for history). Some topics things have changed drastically in just 10 years. A source on Syrian politics from 2009 may not be relevant because the country has been in a civil war the past 9 years.

3.  Are my sources relevant? Do the sources answer the questions your professor is asking in the assignment?

4.  Are my sources from well-known and credible organizations and publications? Avoid tourism websites. Also remember that a country's own website may not give you the whole picture. A website uploaded by the Chinese government on human rights is sure to differ from an analysis by the Human Rights Watch organization.

5.  Do the sources have depth? Try to avoid short sources with snippets. A good source for the assignment will be one that covers numerous aspects of a culture.

Click on picture for video on how to evaluate websites

Click on picture to watch video on how to evaluate information for credibility


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