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How to login to Canvas


Meeting:  469 612 506

Days: Mon - Fri 10am-3pm

SPSCC Email Users

Go to MySPSCC on the SPSCC website, and click the Canvas link,  or go directly to

  • Login with your SPSCC email and password
  • if you've forgotten your password, try the handy Recovery Form or call the SPSCC helpdesk at 360-596-5544

CCE or TESC Students

Login with your 9-digit SID and Default Canvas password at this address:

  • Your default Canvas password is the first 8 letters of your last name, all lowercase. If your last name is short, repeat it until you reach 8 letters.
  • To reset your default Canvas password, e-mail Please include: your full legal name, Student ID number, and at least one course you are taking this quarter. We will process your request no later than the next business day.

After you've logged in

Once logged in, your Canvas dashboard will show courses in which you are enrolled.

You can now find your course(s) by clicking on the course card. You will then be directed to your course’s home page.If your course is not showing in your dashboard you can click the Courses item on the global navigation menu, click All Courses, then select your course from the list. 

You can customize Canvas in several ways including through notifications, color-coding courses, and more. View the Introduction to Canvas video to learn how to do these customizations.

Learn more from the Canvas Guides:


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