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Canvas Video Tutorials

These tutorials are created here at CTOL to help students work with Canvas. We have used our experience supporting students, and Canvas documentation, to give examples of common tasks and questions.

You'll find task-specific tutorials in these sub-pages too!

— Dashboard

— Canvas Assignments

— Working with Files

— Instructor Comments

— Recording in Canvas

— Narrated Powerpoint

If you have a question that isn't anwered here, feel free to email us from your SPSCC email account!

Introduction to Canvas
Canvas & Office 365
Logging into Canvas
Canvas Dashboard

Notifications in Canvas

Using the Canvas Inbox

Canvas Calendar

How to View your grades in Canvas

What do the grading icons mean?

For complete documentation, view the grading icons page in the Canvas guides

Working with Discussion assignments

How Quizzes Work

How to use IoS Pages in Canvas Assignments