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@Faculty Quick Start: Canvas Basics

Manage appointments with Scheduler

canvas logoScheduler is a Calendar tool that creates appointment groups within a course or among multiple courses. Students can sign up for a time slot within the appointment group. Some appointment time slots may only allow one student to sign up at a time, while others may allow an entire group to sign up.

Instructors can use Scheduler to:

  • Create Zoom office hours
  • Assign Zoom presentation times
  • Host Student-Teacher conferences and other appointments on Zoom

You can find out more about the process in the Canvas Guides:

Screenshot demonstration

Quick Step-by-step

Go to your personal canvas calendar : 
If you'd like to add multiple courses to the assignment groups, for example in an office hours situation--Here’s the trick for multiple courses: 
Click on the calendar stack in the right column to select the course or courses you want:
“Before adding appointment groups, you must select the at least one course calendar to display.”

Then click the + button

In the event creation popup, select appointment group, from the tab menu, then select your base time for the entire session. 

You may add as many dates and times as you need by filling out the blank appointment group date and time range—another will appear – then select the available calendars that you want to be able to see the Appointment groups from the dropdown and click Done.

Finally,  press the GO button to create the slots:


After you hit GO, the slots are created  and the chosen calendars are added.
If it all looks good you can publish, if not, just cancel and start again..


The slots show up on the date in the teacher's calendar— initially they will appear as  "greyed out" because they are unfilled:

When a student makes a reservation, the reserved slot will appear rendered in a darker color:

What students see

Students will need to learn to use the scheduler as well. Here are the student-side directions from Canvas:

On the student side, students must enter your course calendar, and click on Find Appointment

In the next popup, they can select your course:

The appointment slots you've created will appear in the calendar. Students will then click on the desired slot:
And click the reserve link, below the Comments area