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@Faculty Quick Start: Canvas Basics

Use Redirect to add a menu item

In Canvas, an external app called the Redirect tool allows you to a new menu item to your left-hand menu stack. This will open the libguides in a separate tab, if you so choose. To use the Redirect tool to add the new menu item:

  1. Click Settings and select Apps from the blue link list at the top of the page, and then click on Installed and search for the Redirect tool

  2. Open the Redirect tool and click +Add App.

  3. In the Add App dialog:
    • In the "Name" field, enter the desired short name of the Libguide you want to appear in the course navigation.
    • In the "URL Redirect" field, enter the URL of the website or page.
    • If desired, check Force open in new tab.
    • Check Show in Course Navigation.
    • Click Add App.

  4. To see the new libguide item in the menu stack, refresh the page; click the link to test it.
  5. use the Navigation tab of your settings page to position the item