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Kondrack-Caranto, Kayleen. English 101: Your assignment

Research requirements

Your project is required to include three (3) sources total (two argumentative sources that address the issue/problem from different perspectives and at least one source that is an objective source that provides you with additional information/context to help you better understand the topic).  One of your three sources must be academic/scholarly (use library databases on our English LibGuide).  Work to use credible sources

Here are some prominent types of sources:

  1. Scholarly books (ie. a chapter from a university press book or an article from an anthology)
  2. Scholarly journals (ie. from databases on the library website, like EBSCO (narrow to "scholarly peer reviewed journals")
  3. Magazine or newspaper articles (from print or digital news sources)
  4. Credible internet sources (avoid Wikipedia and personal blogs) -- see the "choose credible sources" tab to see what makes a website credible/reliable