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Spanish 121: Possible topics

Possible topics


Dancing -- such as salsa, flamenco of Spain, or tango of Argentina

Day of the Dead

Constitution Day

Cinco de Mayo

Semana Santa -- Holy Week -- Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday




How birth is celebrated

Family life

A superstition, such as mal de ojo (evil eye)

A Latin American author

A Latin American artist or type of art (such as mural painting)

How Christmas is celebrated in a selected country

How New Year's is celebrated

The siesta -- mid-afternoon nap

Fashion of a certain country -- or choose an article of clothing, such as a sombrero

A sporting event

The royal family of Spain

A popular dish

A cultural artifact, such as the painted carretas (oxcarts) of Costa Rica or piñatas

The role of pets in a country

The Panama canal

The education system of a certain country

A holiday

The role of women


Track a food from plantation to table, such as coffee, bananas, or grapes

A popular movie

The role of religion or a religious tradition

An indigenous group

A famous historical person

An event in history

A popular geographical site, such as Machu Picchu in Peru or the Galapagos Islands

Etiquette -- gift giving, how to greet, how to dress, do's and don'ts of meeting someone

Business culture -- decision making, negotiating, meetings, entertaining, attire