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Moe-Genther, Laura. Chairside Assisting III: Credible sources

Questions to ask


Questions to ask when selecting your sources.

1.  Are my sources unbiased? For this assignment, you want to avoid judgmental and biased sources.

2.  Are my sources current? Sources should be within the past 10 years but for some topics things have changed drastically in just 10 years.

3.  Are my sources relevant? Do the sources address the questions your professor is asking in the assignment?

4.  Are my sources from well-known and credible organizations and publications? Check if the authors have expertise on the subject matter (an advanced degree, in-depth work experience). Does the source have a good reputation for accuracy? Do they cite their sources?

5.  Do the sources have depth? Try to avoid short sources with snippets. A good source for the assignment will be one that covers numerous aspects of a culture.



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